10-13 Nov 2016 69 hours non-stop naughtiness

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DJ Fresh

World Class Dj and Producer Sensation DJ FRESH has recently announced to the world that come January he is quitting performing and touring. Famous for songs such as 2010’s 'Golddust' and collaborating with Diplo on 'Earthquake', he has over 4 million record sales, two number 1 singles and a further two top 6 singles to his name. He has urged his legions of fans to come and see him before he finishes. THE NAUGHTY REUNION ARE VERY PLEASED THAT ONE OF HIS LAST GIGS WILL BE WITH US ON SATURDAY NIGHT. This is definitely one you’ll look back on in years to come and tell people you were there. It’s defo sent a buzz around NAUGHTY REUNION HQ!

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